UKMiner Announces Limited Pre-Orders for the UKMiner V1 — $399, High-speed FPGA for the New Mining Rigs of 2019

UKMINER announces immediate pre-order availability of the UKMINER-V1, the first FPGA mining card to support VerusHash 2.0, and a more profitable mining alternative to graphics cards for mining rigs. Floofle Labs, a world-class FPGA bitstream developer, developed the implementation of VerusHash 2.0 used in the UKMINER, and after confirmation on delivery, will qualify for The Verus Coin Foundation’s offer of 100,000 $VRSC for an open source FPGA implementation that can beat CPUs by over 1.5x in price/performance.

While the UKMINER-V1, at 70 MH/s per card, offers the most efficient mining option of any VerusHash 2.0 miner available, VerusHash 2.0 does present an FPGA challenge, as it was designed to close the gap between CPUs and FPGAs in price/performance. The UKMINER team recruited Floofle Labs, an industry leading FPGA bitstream developer, to deliver maximum performance and a chance to both offer the best mining solution and earn the bounty in the process. The result is an algorithm that doesn’t end the prospect of CPU mining altogether, but does beat the absolute best CPU in price/performance, a Ryzen 5 1600, by just over 1.5 times. GPUs are currently behind CPUs in mining VerusHash 2.0, with a 1080ti coming in at about 10 MH/s.

“Cuttlebit, the Discord handle of the developer from Floofle Labs who joined our community was one of the better hardware developers I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with, and he didn’t just develop the FPGA bitstream. He also helped community members working on other miners in the Verus Discord, as he completed his work. If all crypto projects and FPGA developers could work as well together, crypto in general would be a much happier place. I’m going to keep my CPUs mining and will likely order one of these cards for myself as well,” said Mike Toutonghi, the Verus Project’s lead developer.

For maximum ease of upgrading for those miners already mining with GPUs in a mining rig setup, UKMINER decided to offer a PCI-X form factor, making mining rig upgrade a breeze.

Ashey Smith & Chris Bayne, UKMINER Founders and longtime miners, expressed hope that this project is just the thing miners need today.  “At $399 for a ready-to-mine FPGA card that drops in any GPU compatible slot, we believe UKMINER-V1 is the edge that today’s professional miners need. The UKMINER-V1 may look small, but it punches well above its weight class. We hope that as Verus realizes the project vision of public blockchains as a service, known as PBaaS, that Verus miners and those of other coins as well will increasingly use the UKMINER-V1 for a superior, consistent return on investment.”




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