At UKMINER we are proud to release details of our hotly anticipated FPGA Mining solution.

After some time discussing the route we wanted to go down we have no finalised our product roadmap and are pleased to be preparing for the launch of the UKMINER-F01 miner providing access to FPGA mining for everyone.

Our advanced mining solution can be used as a single miner or combined with additional units into a “rig” – presently connected via USB, the UKMINER-F01 can run on existing GPU rigs. We also have a PCIe option planned.

We are miners ourselves, GPU, ASIC and now FPGA, we wanted to build a solution that allows existing miners of all types to sell old hardware and move forward easily. $2500 miners make it hard for small GPU miners to move forward so the UKMINER-F01 was born. Allowing the average GTX1080 miner to easily move over to FPGA and still get a decent hashrate for their money in comparison to other FPGA products.